Here you will find The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli in different languages.

English, Italiano, Deutsch, Español

We try to list all available languages where the book is available for free. Please feel free to download the book in any format you wish. Our aim is to list it in as many languages as possible. You can also share  The Prince in a language that is public domain. Just let us know and we will put up the book here. We will try to find the book in any language that is missing just let us know. Your help is very appreciated.

Below you will find the book in different languages. Just click the link in the language you wish to read The Prince. You will jump to the language that you have selected and can choose which format you wish to download. If you wish to have the book in a language not listed here please let us know.


The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli in different languages

English, Italiano, Deutsch, Español


PDF – The prince piccolo machiavelli pdf

EPUB – The prince niccolo machiavelli epub

MOBI- The prince niccolo machiavelli mobi

KINDLE (AZW3)- The prince niccolo machiavelli azw3

MS WORD (DOCX) – The prince niccolo machiavelli docx

PLAIN TXT – The prince niccolo machiavelli txt

Italiano – Italian

PDF – Il Principe pdf

EPUB – Il Principe epub

MOBI- Il Principe mobi

KINDLE (AZW3)- Il Principe mobi

MS WORD (DOCX) – Il Principe docx

PLAIN TXT – Il Principe txt

Deutsch – German

PDF – Der Fürst pdf

EPUB – Der Fürst epub

MOBI- Der Fürst mobi

KINDLE (AZW3)- Der Fürst azw3

MS WORD (DOCX) – Der Fürst docx

PLAIN TXT – Der Fürst txt


PDF – El Príncipe pdf

EPUB – El Príncipe ePub

MOBI- El Príncipe mobi

KINDLE (AZW3)- El Príncipe azw3

MS WORD (DOCX) – El Príncpe docx

PLAIN TXT – El Príncipe txt

More languages coming soon.