Thank you for visiting my website about the Prince book. This website is dedicated to people who made our book a true success. And we couldn’t have done it without Sam Ovens. Thanks to Sam Oven’s consulting course entitle Consulting Accelerator, we were able to turn our consulting agency around. If you have some time and would like to learn more about Sam, please read on. We would also like to mention that Sam Ovens’ Uplevel Consulting was also huge in taking our consulting agency to 10x levels.

We would also like to thank another person by the name of John Crestani as well. You see, Sam Ovens helped us turn our consulting Agency into a real business, but it was John Crestani who’s affiliate marketing course – The Super Affiliate System that helped spread the word to sell our book to millions of people from around the world. A real special thanks to John Crestani.

And the last person whom we like to thank is Chris Luck. You see that Chris has been an entrepreneur for well over 20 years online. Chris has helped thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world gain success from creating memberships website to marketing it for success. Chris’ program isĀ  Membership Method and because of it, we were able to attract new members to our book site and increase our business revenues many times over.


Violet Walters